KSG|GfS supports EPZ in changing the reactor control and limitation systems (RCLS) in the NPP Borssele

KSG|GfS supports EPZ in changing the reactor control and limitation systems (RCLS) in the NPP Borssele

ESSEN, August 1, 2016 – The Simulator Center of KSG|GfS announced today the start of the RCLS test phase at the plant-specific simulator of NPP Borssele.

Since 2014 the Simulator Center of KSG|GfS has supported the Dutch operating company EPZ in replacing the reactor control and limitation systems (RCLS) by the digital control system TELEPERM XS in the NPP Borssele.

The simulator project has a planned duration until spring 2017. The power plant modifications will be tested extensively at the plant-specific simulator prior to commissioning in the plant. For this purpose, the plant engineering has been implemented at the simulator using an emulation solution commonly designed by AREVA and the Simulator Center. The multi-stage pre-tests will be executed in cooperation with the digital control system supplier and plant representatives.

Further components of the simulator project are the review of commissioning procedures and operating manuals as well as the training of the shift personnel before the digital control system is taken into operation at the power plant site.

To create the preconditions for pre-testing the plant modifications at the simulator thermohydraulic and core models were replaced by real-time best estimate engineering code RELAP5-HD and 3-D neutron kinetics model Simulate-3R in 2015 and upgraded with a new core cycle in 2016.

The Simulator Center of KSG|GfS is responsible for the centralized training of operating personnel from all German nuclear power plants and one from the Netherlands. The Simulator Center has been evolving into an interbranch provider of professional behaviour training. As part of the Energie-Campus Deilbachtal, the Simulator Center meets the challenges of the energy market, offering its international clients individualized training, engineering and consulting services in various areas of competence for enhanced safety and efficient processes.

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